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“Because of BaronHR I am in my dream job, surrounded by like-minded professionals and I feel like I am at home.”

- Natalie A.Job Seeker

Frequently Asked Questions


Does BaronHR specialize in any particular industries?

We are experienced placing employees in a variety of industries, including healthcare, hospitality, finance, information technology, engineering and biotechnology. We have a particularly strong presence in commercial industries such as manufacturing, assembly, warehousing and distribution.


How do you find candidates?

We continually seek out and recruit attractive job candidates, using a variety of strategies and tactics. For example, we regularly advertise on job boards such as Career Builder, Monster, Indeed and others. We host special recruiting events and attend job fairs hosted by others. We engage with candidates on social media and network actively both on the Internet and off. We also receive a number of candidate referrals from current BaronHR associates.


How do you determine if a candidate is a good “fit” for a particular employer?

We understand that the best candidates not only are able to perform specific jobs well, but also have attitudes and values that are compatible with their employers and co-workers.

Therefore, when BaronHR interviews candidates, we go to great lengths to understand each individual’s personality and temperament, as well as his or her job skills and experience. At the same time, we work diligently to learn each client’s corporate culture and work environment. We consider all those factors when matching candidates and employers.


Can I submit a request online?

Yes. You have a variety of options for notifying us of a potential staffing need. Your easiest option is to just contact the branch office most convenient to you. Alternatively, you can submit an online request here, send an email to info@baronhr.com, or call our toll-free number (877-908-8150).


What are your fees? How do you charge?

A more popular pricing practice, designed to increase bill rate transparency and normalize pricing practices, is what is called a mark-up over pay rate pricing model. In these pricing models, the customer either sets or provides guidance around employee pay rates and asks staffing agencies to compete for business by quoting the mark-up over pay rate they will use to calculate the bill rate.

Additionally, the mark-up over pay rate model is an internal pricing practice commonplace in the staffing industry so that the disclosures requested are not difficult to provide.

The mark-up over pay rate pricing model is, however, not without resistance primarily because it fosters the mistaken belief that all agencies provide the same levels of service or will deliver the same quality of employee. Mark-up over pay rate pricing models tend to work against agencies with a strong quality focus, who simply stated, need a larger margin between pay and bill rates to afford the level of services delivered.


How quickly can you respond to my request?
What if I’m in an emergency?

BaronHR is utterly committed to providing superior client service, and we understand that delivering great service sometimes requires helping clients with urgent staffing needs. We will do everything we can to assist you — as quickly as possible, and without compromising quality. We’ll also respond to your needs whenever they arise, including nights, weekends and holidays.


What if I’m dissatisfied with a candidate?

We do everything we can to carefully screen and evaluate every candidate, including giving clients the opportunity to conduct pre-hire interviews themselves. However, on rare occasions either the client or employee expresses dissatisfaction with a particular situation. If that happens, please just call your account advisor, who will be happy to discuss the situation and find another candidate, if necessary.

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