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“Because of BaronHR I am in my dream job, surrounded by like-minded professionals and I feel like I am at home.”

- Natalie A.Job Seeker

Many Tasks, Little Time

If you are like most business managers, you probably have to juggle a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities. If so, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of your precious time trying to locate new employees — let alone deal with all the paperwork and administrative hassle.

Why not let BaronHR handle that for you?

Ongoing Recruiting Efforts

BaronHR has a team of professional recruiters who work tirelessly to locate, recruit and evaluate talented employee candidates. We advertise on prominent job boards like Monster and Career Builder, engage on social media, network with our existing associates, actively organize and participate in various events, and attend various job fairs — all in an effort to identify individuals who can help our clients run their businesses.

Careful Evaluation

After meeting a potentially attractive candidate, we invite him or her to our offices for a personal interview. We carefully assess each individual, appraising his or her skills, experience, attitude, work ethic and personal character.

We also invest time to understand each candidate’s personal career goals and preferences. We’ve learned that employees are most effective when they are happy and motivated, so we go to great lengths to ensure a proper “fit” for both employee and employer.

After a thorough evaluation, we then check references and, when appropriate (or requested), perform an extensive background investigation, including E-Verify. And we frequently arrange for clients to interview candidates themselves.

Administration and Paperwork

Once a candidate is hired, BaronHR assumes all responsibility for the individual’s:

  • Federal and state taxes, including FICA, SDI and SUI contributions
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Unemployment claims
  • W-2 processing and distribution
  • Wage garnishment processes

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